Have you ever been disturbed at work because of an oral problem that ended up in the emergency room? Or been called at work from your kid’s school informing you that your child was pulled out from class due to a toothache?

Putting off regular oral care will surely lead to problems that may occur in your most unexpected moments, may it be at work or special events. As a family run practice, we know that the worst part is seeing our loved ones suffer. As you choose the best for your family, make sure you also have the best dentist nearby to save you time, money, and a toothache!

34 Million School Hours

In 2008, more than 34 million school hours were missed because of various unplanned or emergency dental care needs. 

$45 Billion US Dollars

More than $34 billion was lost in productivity because of untreated oral problems in the entire United States.

18% Of Adults

Almost 2 in every 10 individuals under the working-age experienced oral health problems during job interviews.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

We emphasize the character of “best” because nowadays, we see a lot of clinics that offer oral care for your family. Choosing one to whom you’ll trust to care for your family can be a tough call. In making the choice, we tend to overthink tons of considerations. To help clear your mind, we outline 5 tips that should be in your checklist to guide you towards the best family dentist.

1. Consider Dentist Reviews

Experience is the best proof. We would not entrust our family’s oral care to a clinic that has not proven themselves, and neither should you. Searching online or gathering personal recommendations from friends or relatives is a great place to start!

After compiling a list of several recommendations, visiting their websites or social media platforms is a great way to get a feel for the company. Their web presence is also a great plce to collect reviews from their patients, whether good and bad. Patient testimonies will reflect their business and help you decide if it could be the right fit for you.

2. Credentials & Backgrounds Matter

This may seem like an obvious one, but it is important to make sure the clinic you are considering to care for your family’s oral health is properly licensed to practice. As well as the doctor practicing, the clinic should also have a license to operate, showing that the government awarded them the pertinent certification. These licenses are vital for us to say that we have the proper qulifications to care for the oral health of you and your family.

Beyond a clinic’s licensing, you can also check their website or inquire about their service quality assurance, their awards and recognitions, and most importantly their credibility in the field.

3. Check For Flexible & Preferred Communication

When looking for a suitable family dentist, we can often focus only on the quality of their service. While this is of obvious importance, finding a clinic that is flexible and willing to work with you is also a key factor.

The best family dentist offers online consultations as part of its technology communications. This can be especially helpful for families as there are often multiple schedules being juggled at once. Flexibility is key for a family dentist! 

4. Cover Insurance Policies

Health services are often needed in most unexpected moments, like when your child suddenly has extreme toothache. Having a family dentist that accepts your insurance policy is vital in saving you time and money! In searching for the best family dentist for you, we recommend always inquiring whether they accept your specific dental insurance. 

If, however, you are unable to find a clinic that takes your insurance, or perhaps you pay out-of-pocket, finding a clinic with flexible payment options and methods is a must!

5. Care to Visit

At the end of the day, not all transactions and inquiries about family oral health can be done online. Visiting the clinic in person will allow you to get a feel for its ambiance, technologies, and the warmth of their services. Choosing a clinic that is near to you is important so that transportation and ease of access are not a problem when oral care is needed.

You can often find a clinics address on their website or by putting it into your maps. Always remember that a sign of authenticity in a family dental clinic is having a definite location.

Oak Hill Dental – The Best Dentist For You & Your Family

While we may be biased, a clinic that easily gets all 5 checks is Oak Hill Dental clinic. Our family dentists have been licensed oral health professionals for years and come recommended by lots of happy patients who entrust us with their family’s oral care. We ensure that every patients experience with us will be tailored to your preference and level of comfort to make you feel welcome.

Oak Hill Dental offers a wide variety of oral care services to serve your family’s needs with payment options that are flexible. We accept insurance and financing because we value the importance of mintaining your family’s oral health. If you are local to Austin, Texas, book an appointment and visit our location today!